Coney Island Hot Dog Chili
by Frank Mussoline

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Source: Harry Hot Dog
Course: Sauces/Condiments
Cuisine: Greek
Food Group: Beef
Serves: 6


1 pound(s) ground beef, cheap fatty stuff is fine.
2 teaspoon(s) chili powder
2 teaspoon(s) cumin
3 teaspoon(s) paprika
2 tablespoon(s) minced onion
1/2 teaspoon(s) hot pepper flakes
3 clove(s) chopped or pressed fresh garlilc
1 cup(s) tomato sauce
1 cup(s) water
Brown the beef in frying pan do not drain off the fatty liquid. Add all other ingredients, stir thoroughly and cook for about 1/2/ hour or until cooked through. For finer consistency place cooled mixture in food prcessor or blender and blend approx. one minute.