Hearty Slow Cooker Chili
by Joe Mussoline

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Source: Publix Aprons
Course: Main
Cuisine: Southern
Food Group: Beef
Serves: 8


1 pound(s) Beef Stew Meat (Bite size pieces)
1/2 pound(s) Hot Italian Sausage
2 cup(s) Chopped Onions
1 medium Green Bell Pepper - diced
1 can(s) Northern Beans (15-16 oz undrained)
1 can(s) Red Kidney Beans (15-16 oz undrained)
1 can(s) Crushed tomatoes (28 oz.)
2 tablespoon(s) Garlic powder
1 tablespoon(s) Paprika
1 tablespoon(s) Ground cumin
2 teaspoon(s) Chili powder
1 teaspoon(s) Cayenne pepper (more if desired)
Salt & Pepper to taste

1. Add canola or peanut oil to a large saute pan on medium-high to brown stew beef on all sides and remove from pan.

2. Add sausage to same pan and brown 4-5 minutes, until no pink remains, stirring sufficiently to crumble meat.

3. Combine all remaining ingredients in a 4 qt. (or larger) slow cooker, stir in beef and sausage.  Cover and cook on High for 3 hours or Low for 6 hours.

Serve and enjoy.  Rice or crushed crackers may be added, as personal preference!