Joe's Stone Crab Mustard Sauce For Stone Crab Claw
by Annemarie Mussoline

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Source: Copy Cat Restaurant Recipes
Course: Sauces/Condiments
Cuisine: American
Food Group: Dairy
Serves: 6


1 tablespoon(s) Colman's dry mustard, or to taste
1 cup(s) mayonaise
2 teaspoon(s) Worcestershire sauce
1 teaspoon(s) A-1 Sauce
1/4 cup(s) heavy cream or milk
Salt to taste
Place the mustard in a small mixing bowl. Whisk in the mayonaise, Worcestershire sauce, A-1 sauce, cream and a pinch of salt. Mix until well blended and creamy. Chill the sauce, covered, until serving. Serves/Makes 1 cup.