Lefty's Famous Ciambotti
by Mary Rogers

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Source: The Mahoff
Course: Alcoholic Beverages
Cuisine: Italian
Food Group: Pork
Serves: 12


1 pound(s) Sweet Italian Sausage
1 pound(s) Hot Italian Sausage
3-4 Green Bell Peppers, sliced
1 pound(s) Mushroom, sliced
1 large Can whole tomatoes, prefer San Marzano
1 medium Jar tomato sauce
8 clove(s) garlic, diced
1 cup(s) red wine
Pinch of baking soda
Olive Oil
In a large pot or dutch oven, saute peppers and mushrooms in 2 tbls olive, stirring often 5-10 minutes, remove from pot and set aside. In pot, brown sausage breaking up large pcs as you stir, until just cooked through, about 10 minutes. Remove with slotted spoon. Remove excess drippings, should have about 2 tbls. left in pot. Add the garlic, saute until bubbling, add the wine to deglaze the pot. Add the peppers/mushroom mix, the sausage, the tomatoes and sauce and bring to a boil. Add the pinch of baking soda, a pinch of salt and pepper, stir well, reduce heat and simmer for at least an hour. Serve on crusty rolls.
Notes:This is a "throw" together recipe, no definitive amounts, so feel free to increase or degrease ingredients to your own tastes. Hell, Lefty made it with everything from rams head mushrooms to gizzards so use this simply as a guide, then make it your own. :-)